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B100 Function:Reading DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).Reseting check-engine and service engine soon.Clearling DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).Resetting Oilservice and inspection light.Restting maintenance milage indicator.Inspection reset.Function reference: 1. Fault code read the tool automatically starts in this mode,(thought it wont read the fault codes until you press the enterbuttom),when enter is pressed the unit will attempt to read the fault codes, if there are no faults it will display-, if it ifinds faults, it will automatically display the number of the code table to use(see users manual).to then view the faults pree enter, repeat unit the end of the fault list-(tool will show-),pree enter to return to FC(starting point). 2. MIL Reset. (Resets Check engine or service engine soon)when you have selected ce in the display, you are now ready to reset the MIL malfunction indicator lamp,pressing enter will execute the reset when finished it will return to Fc, this clears all faults and extinguished the MIL, to verify the rest, UNPLUG the tool and start the engine MIL should be off.(Note: After a MIL reset,on some models with automatic transmission, the automatic transmission light will be on. To clear it, simply start the engine twice.). 3. Oil service reset, when you have selected ol in the display, you are now ready to reset procedure the display will count from Oto2, when finished the display will return to Fc, si indicator will indicate a successful reset when finished. (see users manual).


JBT-CS538C auto scanner could diagnose Asian, European and American cars without any limited. It also contains the strong diagnostic software of Asian cars, BMW, Mercedes. JBT-CS auto scanner is appointed to be the O.E auto scanner for VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ssangyong, Toyota. Basic Function: Read DTC (Diagnostic Trouble code) Clear DTC Data-stream reading and storage Actuation Test JBT-CS series developed in the most new edition jinbenteng scanner development system BT-DDS platform New generation of BT-DDS developing platform integrates many new technology which causes the CS have many convenient formidable functions, had achieved anticipated design purpose of operation simple, function formidable. Four Original Inventions: Self-learn-judge-more Data Stream Memory and Printing-more Personnel Operation Setting-more Over-Scope Alarm Display-more Two different Charateristics: Value-Added Intellengence Features: Myriad memory space of hardware can enable customers record world-wide vehicles data without changing memory card, and can ensure unlimited program updates. Color Display and Friendly Interface. Each interface has real-time operational advice, which is easy to operate. The formats of data streams can be set by users themselves to help them compare all types of vehicles parameters. Referential DataStream normal ranges are provided to aid trouble shooting. VGA Visual Output is able to connect bigger screen projection. Software and hardware designing has been considered with protection, which can enhance the stability of product. Demonstration programs have been installed to help users learn.


FLY 308 Pro equal VCM/IDS + GNA 600/ HDS/FLY 100 + TISReprogramming for all ford vehiclesReprogramming for all mazda vehiclesNo password for all Honda key and smart keyFor all toyota FLY 308 Pro Software Version:1. FLY 308 Pro software version for Ford: IDS R68.2. FLY 308 Pro software version for Honda:V2.021.008.3. FLY 308 Pro software version for Toyota:V5.00.028.FLY 308 Pro Prosupports 29 language:1.Spanish; 2. Slovenia; 3. English; 4. Greece; 5. German; 6. Danmark; 7. Czechic; 8.Chinese (Taiwan); 9.Chinese (China); 10. AmerEnglish; 11. Vietnam; 12. Turkey; 13. Thailand; 14. Swedish; 15. Russian; 16. Portuguese; 17. Portuguese (Brazil); 18. Poland; 19. Norwegian; 20. Holand; 21. Korea; 22. Japanese; 23. Italy; 24. Indian; 25. Hungary; 26. French; 27.French (Canada); 28. Finland; 29.Spanish.FLY 308 Pro functions include:1. Scantool Diagnostics:a. All ford and mazda vehicles (Include all functions of original VCM/IDS).b. All Honda vehicles (Include all functions of original GNA 600 + Honda HDS+ FLY100 Full Version).c. All Toyota vehicles (Include all functions of original Toyota TIS Techstream).2. Vehicle Reprogramming:a. All ford and mazda vehicles (Include all functions of original VCM/IDS).b. All Honda vehicles (Include all functions of original GNA 600 + Honda HDS+ FLY100 Full Version).c. All Toyota vehicles (Include all functions of original Toyota TIS Techstream).3. Immobi and Smart key: a. All ford and mazda vehicles (Include all functions of original VCM/IDS).b. All Honda vehicles (Include all functions of original GNA 600 + Honda HDS+ FLY100 Full Version).c. All Toyota vehicles (Include all functions of original Toyota TIS Techstream).Operation Notes:FLY 308 Pro can only work for Windows XP(SP2 or later). It cannot work for VISTA.

U480 CAN OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner

U480 is a kind of auto device for reading and erasing trouble code in vehicles, sometimes called car reader. Though so small, light and handy, which is dynamic and fashionable in design, competitive in price and easy to use.U480 is specially designed for car owners or DIY. With a U480, you may quickly find out trouble causes (troubleshooter) of electronically controlled systems on your car, by simply connecting U480 with the diagnostic socket, via reading the trouble code (DTC) shown on U480, identifying, locating and checking out trouble causes with attached user's manual. Works with all 1996 and newer cars & trucks that are OBD II compliant(including CAN protocol).Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and turns off check engine light.Supports multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer's specific codes.1.Retrieves VIN (Vehicle Identification No.) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9.2.Highly reliable and accurate.3.Easy-to-read crystal-clear backlit 2-line LCD display.4.Easy to use with one plug-in.5.Stand-alone unit with no need for an additional laptop computer to operate.6.Small in size and conveniently fits in your palm Performs continuous DTC scan.7.Safely communicates with the on-board computer.8.No batteries needed-powered via detachable OBD II cable.

MaxiDiag EU702

Powered by Autel Uni-SCAN technology, the MaxiDiag EU702 is an innovative multi-functional scan tool designed for technicians to troubleshoot engine, transmission, ABS and airbag systems for major European vehicles. Reliable, easy-to-use and affordable, the MaxiDiag EU702 is a time saver and a money maker. Support car list: VW: 1990-2006 Audi: 1990-2006 BMW: 1990-2006 MINI: 1993-2006 Benz: 1995-2006 Volvo: 1996-2005 Opel: 1998-2006 Features & Functions: Troubleshoots engine, ABS, transmission and airbags codes Global OBDII/EOBD coverage (US, Asian & European) Powered by Uni-SCAN technology with no adapters to buy Resets oil service indicator light Supports all nine test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes Displays DTC definitions on unit screen Views freeze frame data Displays O2 sensor data as well as live datastream parameters Data graphing C (1996 and newer) Reads, stores & playbacks live sensor data Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis Performs modules present test Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN) Supports all current OBD-II protocols, including CAN (Controller Area Network) Extremely easy to use and highly reliable Trilingual supportEnglish, Spanish, French or other combinations Software upgradable via the internet Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library Prints data via PC