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VAG COM Interface 812.4

Working with a computer, this item performs the functions of a factory VAG-1551 or VAG-1552 scan tool and more. This item is fully compatible with almost all VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA vehicles, including KKL and CAN-BUS. Features: Full support for control modules using the new "Service 22" identification methods. Support for control modules using the new UDS/ODX/ASAM protocol. The following functions are supported: Control Module ID (including Advanced ID), Coding, Security Access, and Fault Codes. New Session Log capabilities. Support for Generic OBD-II Mode 10. Support for vehicles with dual ECUs, or example the RS4 and W12 engines. Both ECUs are accessible simultaneously via address 31 for Basic Settings such as TBA. Revised Adaptation screen to support the much longer Long Adaptations now appearing in some control modules. Revised Advanced ID screen for increased flexibility handling the various data items appearing in the latest control modules. New internal Gateway Coding Assistant (required for Audi B8 platform cars). Much improved documentation (Label Files) for many older cars. 1. Module Version - identify the control module part number and coding version 2. DTC Memory - read and clear manufacturer diagnostic trouble codes Actual Values - access live data 3. Activation - selected components can be activated 4. Code Module - code new control modules (most models through 2002) Adaptation - read/reset Service Light parameters, view/change block learn values 5. Basic Settings - view and change control module default settings (Excluding 1.8T 01 and newer) 6. Individual Values - read individual measuring values 7. Readiness Code - Check status of applicable emissions related systems Remote Control Programming - program Radio Frequency keys 8. Key Matching - match keys to Immobilizer control module (5 digit) Workable Models: All VW, AUDI, SEAT, and SKODA vehicles, includes those with CAN-BUS system. What can this interface be used for? This interface (adapter) is used as an interface and a USB cable to connect a VW/AUDI vehicle to a PC with USB port for on-board diagnostics (OBD).


BMW 20PIN MALE TO OBD2 16PIN FEMALE Used as an adapter for BMW 20PIN male connector to OBD2 16PIN female connector. About the details please check the "product reference manual" below

FLY 200

FLY 200 FLY 200 totally supports 30 languages: 1. Spain 2. Slovenia 3. English 4. Greece 5. German 6. Denmark 7. Czech Republic 8. Traditional Chinese 9. Simplified Chinese 10. American English 11. Vietnam 12. Turkey 13. Thai 14. Sweden 15. Russian 16 . Portugal 17. Portuguese (Brazil) 18. Poland 19. Norway 20. Netherlands 21. Korean 22. Japanese 23. Italy 24. Indonesia 25. Hungary 26. French 27. French (Canada) 28. Finland 29. Spain (Mexico ) 30. Russian Product Information: 1. FLY 200 supports all models of Ford and Mazda and Contains all function of the original VCM / IDS for Ford and Mazda. for the Mazda, you can change milleage through OBD-16 without taking down the odomete. 2. Compared with the original VCM/IDS, it will be more convenient, because it doesnt need to enter password for the odometer. Cover model: Cover Ford and Mazda. Coverage system: Cover Ford and Mazda all the electronic control system. Operation Notes: FLY200 can only work for WIN XP and WIN2000. It cannot work for VISTA.

V-Checker OBDII/KWP2000 MINI Scanner Standard

If your cars Check Engine Light is on, you need this device. V-Checker is a handy device for reading and erasing trouble code in your vehicles. It can also display live data for your vehicle. It is small in size, robust in design, competitive in price and easy to use. This is a stand alone unit, it does not need a laptop computer to operate.By simply connecting V-Checker with the diagnostic socket, the user will be able to read the trouble code. The trouble code description will be displayed directly on the screen, no need for search it in the users manual. Each code will be continuously displayed until the [PREVIOUS] or [NEXT] key is pressed. This is a important advantage to compare with the old type trouble code reading tools. Features: With large LCD display: the trouble code description will be displayed directly on the screen, no need for search it in the users manual Each code will be continuously displayed until the [] or [] key is pressed. This is an important advantage to compare with the old type trouble code reading tools With extension cable, comfortable for operation With live data or data stream function Support all four OBD2 protocols: OBD-I, OBD-II, EOBD, and JOBD With professional mode With large Trouble code database Powered via diagnostic connector, no additional power is needed Plug and play, ease to use Turn off check engine light High reliable and accurate Support Protocol: ISO14230-4 (KWP2000) ISO9141-2 J1850 VPW J1850 PWM Operations: 1.Turn off the ignition switch. Find the 16pin OBD2 diagnostic connector and plug into the V-checker. When the "Press any key to start diagnosis" message is displayed, turn on the ignition switch and press any key to continue. 2.The V-checker Reader will auto scan which protocol is used by the vehicle. Please wait! 3.After scanning, the screen will display the test mode selection menu. Press [ ] or [] to select the test mode you want to use. 4.If you select [Professional Mode], V-checker will ask you to select the vehicle make. 5.Select a make and press [] key. The screen will display the function menu. 6.Select [READ DTC]. The screen will ask you select [ALL DTC] or [PENDING DTC]. Select one and press [] key, if there is no DTC, it will display [NO TROUBLE CODE!] 7.Otherwise it will display the first DTC and its description. Press [] key to view the next DTC, if any. Press [] key to review the previous DTC. Press [] to return step 5 8.Select [ERASE DTC] in step 7, you can clear all DTCs of your car 9.Select [DATA STREAM] at step 5, the screen will display the live data. Press [] [] to scroll the screen. You can start the engine when doing this step. Vehicle coverage: GM 96 - current year (OBD-II) Ford 96 - current year (OBD-II) Chrysler 96 - current year (OBD-II) Toyota 96 - current year (OBD-II) Honda 96 - current year (OBD-II) NISSAN 96 - current year (OBD-II) All other Asian and European 96 - current year (OBD-II)

BMW Scanner PA Soft 1.3.6 Interface

BMW Scanner Pa SOFT1.3.6 is a new version of BMW scanner intended to work with BMW 3, 5, 7 series and X3, X5 SUV cars. Functions: [FIND UNITS] -scanning installed units with reading identification data and malfunction codes [CLEAR ERRORS] -reset fault codes in all of found units [ERRORS DETAILS] -detail info about malfunction codes [READ MEMORY] -reading unit software memory [READ EEPROM] -reading EEPROM in units: IKE, LCM, ZKE, SRS, LEW, A/C, VID, BMBT, STH, AIC [WRITE EEPROM] -writing EEPROM in same units [ERRORS] -reading detail info and reset malfunction codes in selected unit [RESET UNIT] -unit software reset [WRITE FGSTNR] -identification number writing [WRITE ADFG] -more identification data writing [ODOMETER CORRECT] -writing new mileage value to IKE & LCM units [SAVED ODOMETER] -reading more detail info about mileage from IKE & EGS units [SERVICE RESET] -IKE service reset [CHANGE LANGUAGE] -changing language of main computer messages GE/EN/FR/IT [FACTORY DEFAULTS] -factory defaults reset of IKE & LCM (for cars till 1999 year) [COPY CODING] -base coding copying IKE to EWS or EWS to IKE units [TV FUNCTIONS] -video on when driving setting in VID unit [READ KEY] -reading ignition keys data from EWS unit [ADAPTATION LEW] -steering wheel sensor (LEW) adaptation [REGISTER HANDSET] -new handset register to TEL (BIT2) unit