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Digimaster III

The weapon of Car ECU programming, Diagnosis and Antitheft Key ProgrammingFunctional Module:Support automotive odometer adjustment, ECU, Airbag ECU data adjustment, Computer program matching, audio decoding, automotive memory programming and Key programming.Seven Technology Features:Super Safety:Safety standard with Features: Newly added key programming function! It is applicable for high-class cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. Innovative automatic mode for key programming technology, multi-language operation, the key programming complete in one go, effectively ensure the security of reading and writing data. New Generation Core Framework: Applying the new G3 platform of Yanhua Tech and the innovative consumption mode of “Pay as you go”, support the latest car, global synchronic upgrade, extend and integrate functions freely. Intelligent Operation Platform: Upgrade the single-task system into intelligent multi-task and multi-thread operation system, extend functions freely and unlimitedly. Powerful Network: Built-in network module, add Ethernet interface, plug and play. Easily achieve web query, web browsing, online communication, and freely upgrading without connecting to the PC. Comprehensive Upgraded Operation Interface: It puts an end to the original monotonous static interface, based on IE core technology to support rich and dynamic effects as well as advanced skin interface. And it is more beautiful and friendly, supports many languages around the world. High Definition Digital Screen: Upgrade the low definition LCD color screen (320X240) to the imported HD digital TFT color screen (800X480) which applying the precision touch technology. Vehicle : DigiMasterIII Vehicle Application List Odometer Correction European American Japanese and Korean Alfa Cadillac Daihatsu Aston Martin Chrysler Honda Audi Ford Hyundai Bentley GM ISUZU BMW Lincoln KIA Benz Lexus Citroen Mazda FIAT Mitsubishi Ferrari Nissan Jaguar Proton Lamborghini SSangYong Lancia Subaru Lotus SUZUKI Man Toyota Opel peugeot Porsche Renault Rover Saab Skoda Volvo Volkswagen Wiesmann Truck Forkman Maserati Othe vehicle Motorcycle Truck Audio Decoding Audio Airbag Resetting Airbag-Audi Airbag-Mitsubishi Airbag-Chrysler Airbag-Nissan Airbag-China Airbag-Opel Airbag-Citroen Airbag-Peugeot Airbag-FIAT Airbag-Renault Airbag-Ford Airbag-Rover Airbag-GM Airbag-SSangYong Airbag-Honda Airbag-Subaru Airbag-Hyundai Airbag-SUZUKI Airbag-KIA Airbag-Toyota Airbag-Mazda Airbag-Volkswagen Airbag-Samsung IMMO Peugeot Citroen Audi Key Programming BMW Benz

FLY 200

FLY 200 FLY 200 totally supports 30 languages: 1. Spain 2. Slovenia 3. English 4. Greece 5. German 6. Denmark 7. Czech Republic 8. Traditional Chinese 9. Simplified Chinese 10. American English 11. Vietnam 12. Turkey 13. Thai 14. Sweden 15. Russian 16 . Portugal 17. Portuguese (Brazil) 18. Poland 19. Norway 20. Netherlands 21. Korean 22. Japanese 23. Italy 24. Indonesia 25. Hungary 26. French 27. French (Canada) 28. Finland 29. Spain (Mexico ) 30. Russian Product Information: 1. FLY 200 supports all models of Ford and Mazda and Contains all function of the original VCM / IDS for Ford and Mazda. for the Mazda, you can change milleage through OBD-16 without taking down the odomete. 2. Compared with the original VCM/IDS, it will be more convenient, because it doesnt need to enter password for the odometer. Cover model: Cover Ford and Mazda. Coverage system: Cover Ford and Mazda all the electronic control system. Operation Notes: FLY200 can only work for WIN XP and WIN2000. It cannot work for VISTA.

BMW CARSOFT Interface 6.5 for E30/E36/E46/Z3/E34/E39

MCU controlled Interface for Carsoft 6.1 which is compatible with the original interface. Fully digital line switchings and MCU controlled service reset timing Functions: Digital total test: It gives you a complete idea of the overall condition of the car. Digital single test: It gives you detailed information about the appropriate control unit. Stored errors will be shown in a written report. This report has a short info-text which help you to eliminate the error. Special functions for some models: Including service interval reset, component activation, live data, LCM reading, sync. EWS and ECU, adaptation values, and coding. It can use for the cars after the year 98. Note: please check the "Product References" bellow to get the Application List


Multi-language user interface, supports up to 15 languages.Application layer fully complies with ISO 15031 and is compliant with SAE J1979.Fully functional Mode$01~ Mode$09 operation.Supports a large number of vehicles made by 70 manufacturers.DTC includes generic ( P0, P2, P3, B0, U0 and C0 ) & manufacturer specific ( P1, P3, B1,B2 ,U1 and C1,C2, ) codes.Detailed DTC libraryDTCs are explained in easy to understand words rather than obscure jargons. Online help information is available for 80% of all the DTCs,which shows the probable cause of the code. SUPPORT PROTOCOL:SAE J1850 PWM SAE J1850 VPWISO 9141KWP FAST INIT KWP 5BAUD INIT CAN 11BIT 500K CAN 29BIT 500K CAN 11BIT 250K CAN 29BIT 250K CAN_USER1 11B 125K CAN_USER1 29B 125K CAN_USER2 11B 50K CAN_USER2 29B 50KFull CAN BUS support for new cars11 Bit and 29Bit CANCapable of communicating with multi-ECU SystemSUPPORT LANGUAGE:15 languages user interface, and capable of adding other language supports in future.Chinese/English/German/French/Italian/Denish/Finnish/Dutch/Spaish/Portuguese/Norwegian/Swedish/Korean/Arabic1.Color Scarlet dark blue Pearl BlueGreen BlueMetal BlackOrange.2.LCD3 inch black mask LCD, wide visible area, high contrast .The contents is readable even in strong sun shine.3.ABS+PC Engineer Plastic Housingpassed 6-meter free fall test.Patent No.:200830010963.5.4Harmless fade-resistant paint.5.Rubber oil sprayed housing; slide, dirty, and vibration proof.6.Passed EMI/EMC test.7.High quality PET 6-key film keypad.3M harmless glue.8.CE,FCC,RoHs Certified.9.Support manually input DTC Look-up.10.Read DTCs. 11.Clear DTCs. 12.Data stream. 13.Freeze Frame. 14.I/M Readiness. 15.O2 Monitor Test. 16.On-Board Mon. Test.17.Component Test. 18.Vehicle Info. 19.Modules Present. 20.Unit of Measure. 21.State Emission.22.Read All DTCs. 23.Read Stored DTCs. 24.Read Pending DTCs.25.Detailed help information.26.Capable of showing probable cause of a DTCs.27.Up to 161 data items,each of them is with online help information.28.Reset engine MIL.29.This operation will erase all DTCs , freeze frame Data , oxygen sensor data, and reset IM Monitors and MIL.

U581 CAN OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner

LCD Display, 128*64 pixel display with contrast adjustment, Backlit.Enter key selects displayed.Exit key go back to the previous screens.Up/down arrows-moves the selection pointer and scrolls up or down.LEFT/RIGHT arrows-Select responses and moves cursor.OBDII connector cable, connect car and the scan tool. Works on all 1996 and newer cars & light trucks that are OBD II compliant (including the VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 and CAN protocols).Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).Trouble codes display on the LCD, needn't the code book.Scanning live data.Reading Freeze Frame Data.Testing I/M Reading Status.Reading vehicle info.Rescanning Data.VEHICLE COVERAGE:GM '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)Ford '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)Chrysler '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)Toyota '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)Honda '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)NISSAN '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)All other Asian and European '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)All new CAN protocol cars.